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Written by Vina Jones on 16. Sep, 2017
I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!
Written by Alexezell on 7. Aug, 2017
It is extremely nice to see the greatest details presented in an easy and understanding manner.
Written by Slap Happy on 12. Jun, 2015
Fantastic and Respect
Written by Lonesome Dove on 26. Sep, 2014
Hi Kevin, nice to hear from you.
You took great Pics of the 2012 Black Powder Shoot. It was great to be able to put them up on the site. Thank You.
Written by Kevin Schipp on 25. Sep, 2014
Well howdy there Lonsome. I am glad to see how my work was put to good use. Today was the first time to visit your site, Well done and a lot of work. Kevin
Written by Nasty Nick (America) on 15. Feb, 2013
Website looks terrific. Keep it up - miss you.
Written by mister long colt on 22. Dec, 2012
Hay good to see grat job lonesome all the best with it see you soon MLC
Written by Ruby Redsmoke on 13. Dec, 2012
Hey Lonesome the web site is looking great! Keep up the good work xxx
Written by Cibolero on 10. Dec, 2012
See Lonesome I have come to sign your guest book, just for you. Great effort on your behalf and a good looking site, just like you. All the best and catch up somewhere next year.
Written by Lustypearl on 8. Dec, 2012
Great job Lonesome!!, I hope your book does really well. You have done a wonderful job & I just love my book. This is a must for all our shooting friends, so many memories. xx
Written by Amazing Grace on 4. Dec, 2012
Your site is coming together nicely Lonesome!! What a great way to get your book out there and I love how its themed to coordinate!! Grace xo
Written by Jesse James on 26. Nov, 2012
What... a fabulous web site. I'm just downloading the order form now. Looking forward to receiving my copy soon.
Written by Wallaby Jack on 15. Nov, 2012
I know that Lady .......
Written by chakotay on 15. Nov, 2012
Hi lonesome dove love the book can't wait to ser more on eeb page
Written by Lorraine McCarthy on 14. Nov, 2012
Hi Lonesome, love the book, love the webpage, will be watching for more installments.
Love L.T.S.

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